Fusing God's Radical Truth With Extreme Fun

Kids driving by in these cars

are a key mission field. 

If you win the kids,

you get the parents!

Six year old Mason and his younger brother Sawyer were sold on our church at a YMCA festival. We offered our bouncies for free and  they let us give out info on our church. We shook hands with the parents, gave them a fliers and said, “We have these bouncies in our children’s church every week.” 

Mason and Sawyer’s parents could not pull them off the bouncy.

Q: What kind of CHURCH

     has bouncies?

Reaching KIDS...

A: A CHURCH that . . .

  • Is committed to reaching unchurched kids and their parents.

  • Believes God is fun, so church should be fun!
  • Wants to capture kids' hearts with the greatness of God.
  • A church your kids don't want to leave!

How do you reach kids with a multi-million dollar kids church experience for pennies on the dollar in a portable set-up church?  You innovate missionally targeted ministry by thinking outside the box.

They visited the next day playing on our bouncies after they checked in before the lesson began. Afterwards their mom said, “Before they always wanted to go to the lake on Sunday morning—not church.” They were begging her to come back again. The next week Mason and Sawyer brought their neighbors.

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